Demir Raf & Stand Sanayi Ltd. Şti 

Was established in 1997 to provide services for the beverage industry, but then diversified its service by producing promotion stands for stationery goods, food, textiles, toys and computers. After considering mostly the local market for its production until 2003, Demir Raf focused on exportation since 2004 and began exporting goods to Greece, France, UK, Spain, Germany and Italy among other countries . Demir Raf has been participating in international trade fairs for a few years  like the “Paperworld” fair in Frankfurt.

We manufacture easily assembled, ergonomic and suitable products, by constructing producing stands appropriate for the requirements of our customers.  Our stands are custom built, so if you do not find the kind of stand among the samples on our website,
We can design specially one according to your needs. Due to our experience our design staff is capableof giving consultation on how presenting your goods. The design process begins by understanding the customer’s needs, which we try to meet with test drawings in AutoCAD. After coming to a common point with customer we produce a sample stand to go through details and finalize it.. That will also be used as the reference for series production in required quantity.

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